Why Lord Ganpati Loves Modak,

Why Lord Ganpati Loves Modak, Durva and Shami’s

Modaka Shami Durva 


Shri Ganesha is very fond of Modak, every Wednesday during the puja you should serve Modak to Shri Ganesh and after the puja distribute as much as you can amongst needy people

Modaka Durva Shami



Durva is very important in Ganesh Puja. Ganpati Atharvashirsh has written that position like Kuber (god of wealth) can be obtained from the use of the Durva in the worship of Lord Ganesha.  Leave Durvaa for a night with Shri Ganesh that you have presented to him during the puja. Next day early morning after bath first take blessings from Shri Ganesha, then wrap Durvaa in a fresh yellow cloth and keep it at the place you keep your money like in locker, safe, etc. Doing this will increase your money and it will stay safe too

Shami’s worship


worship Shami’s plant regularly. On Wednesday, meditate on Ganesh and then tie a yellow thread on the plant with your wish. Do not forget to open the thread when the wish is complete.

Modaka Shami

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