Why is Tulsi taboo in Ganesh worship?

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According to legend, the daughter of Dharmatmjya Tulsi departed on the pilgrimage with the desire of marriage. Goddess Tulsi travelled to all the pilgrimages and reached on the banks of the Ganga. Here Goddess Tulsi saw the youngGanesh on the Ganges coast, he was in deep Tapasya. 

Shree Ganesh was looking stunning as he had applied sandalwood paste on all his organs, he was wearing gems of gold and gemstones with pariwar flowers, were gripping on the throne. He had wrapped a very soft silk pamatabar in his waist. 

But then you will be giving life and salvation to the world in Kali-Yuga as you are dear to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. But Tulsi plating will not be considered auspicious in my Ganesha’s worship.

Ganpati Ji looked so beautiful that anyone would be fascinated by him and happened with Tulsi Ji.  As soon as Tulsi Ji saw Ganesh, she was fascinated by seeing the beauty of his appearance and the desire tomarry with Ganesh awakened. Due to Tulsi Ji, Ganesh Ji was distracted from his tapsya. 

Shri Ganesh said that Tulsi was inauspicious to dissolve the distinction and after knowing the intention of Tulsi, he declared himself as a Brahmachari and rejected her marriage proposal.

As her marriage proposal by Shri Ganesh, the goddess Tulsi was very sad and cursed with two marriages to Shri Ganesha. On this, Shri Ganesh also cursed Tulsi that your marriage will be from an Asura.

Tulsi apologised to Shri Ganesh after hearing the curse of being a monster’s wife. Then Shri Ganesh told Tulsi that your marriage will be from the narrow monster.


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