vastu shastra

vastu shastra


vastu shastra for bedroom

As per Bedroom Vastu Shastra acceptable shapes for are square or rectangular. Now, in case if the bedroom is rectangular, then as per bedroom vastu shastra, reasonable length to breadth ratio is less or equal to 1:2 e.g. if the length is 20 foot, then the breadth lies between 10 feet to 40 feet.

vastu shastra


House Main Entrance Door 

The entrance of the house is for the visitors as well as entry of positive energy, try to make it as beautiful & attractive as possible.

You can decorate the entrance that it looks inviting.

Plants, rangoli, lights can be used to beautify the entrance. You can use Ganesha Idol on top of main entrance door to attract prosperity and wealth.

Make sure that path to the entrance is kept clean, there’s no pile of garbage or water clogging, the entrance should not face any un-pleasant site like the view of the urinal, bathroom, the entrance of someone else house, garbage bin, etc.

Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra

3.North-east Corner or angle of the house

The north-east corner of the house represents happiness, prosperity and positive energy in the house.

This corner is considered to be the most positive corner of the entire house. It should be kept clean.

If possible keep puja room in this corner of the house, you can create water body out here or a fountain can be placed, this place is also best for study room and meditation hall.

Elements like garbage bin, toilets, kitchen, store room, heavy items should be avoided from this corner of the place as it will block the positive energy and will adversely affect the growth of people living in the house

The best remedy is to keep a beautiful Ganesha idol in this North-east Corner or angle of the house.

4. Meeting room

Place in the house where you meet people represents link between you and your visitors, it should always project positivity to people

who visit you so never use pictures or paintings that depict war, wild animals, boat struggling in sea, images of poverty, depressed faces, horror images.

Walls of this room should be painted in light colors. Avoid using dark colors.

The furnishing and furniture should be comfortable.

Don’t overdecorate the room with too many elements as more than required material will also block ow of energy.

You can use Child Ganesha images or Ganesha image that is decorated with jewellery / ornaments.


vastu shastra
vastu shastra

vastu shastra kitchen

Kitchen is an indicator of family’s prosperity besides keeping everyone healthy.

The most appropriate place for kitchen is the South-East corner of the house.

If the kitchen South-East corner is not possible then kitchen can also be built in the north-west region. Placement of water and re should be far away in kitchen. Storage room shall always be built in the north-west region.

You can use pictures of beautiful food items to decorate kitchen. Kitchen should receive ample natural light and proper air ventilation for ow of positive energy.

Kitchen should always be kept clean and never leave false utensils or stale food in the night in the kitchen as negative energy is generated from here, that blocks the arrival of money, along with the opposite effect on the health of the Home Owner.

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