Totke to be done on the new moon make Ganesh happy

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

– Rat is the vehicle of Shri Ganesh. To please Ganesh Ji we should also respect his beloved vehicle. On the new moon, select any place where a rats are likely to be found. Leave 5 types of food (cooked) for the rat on that place 

– Put Atta and Shakkar (flour & sugar) together for the ants. This will reduce loan (karz) on you and your family 

– Provide sandal or shoe to a child who cannot afford it. This will also reduce loan (karz) on you and your family 

– Ganapati is considered to be the deity of success, logic and intellect therefore, by giving copy, book, pen, pencil, busta, school cloth etc. to a child who cannot afford it will increase the grace of Ganesh on you and your family 

– Offer red flowers to Shri Ganesha after the puja take these red flowers and keep the flower in place where you keep money like in vault, safe or almirah etc. This will bring Ganapati’s blessings in form of prosperity 

– Take 4 Black pepper seeds 2 Cloves than wrap it in yellow cloth and put it in the feet of Shri Ganesha and after performing Ganpati worship, keep the yellow cloth with Black pepper and Clove in your safe, locker or place where you keep money. This will increase money 


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