Three Religions worship Goddess Lakshmi 

Lakshmi is the only goddess who is worshiped in the three religions of Buddhism, Jain and Hindus. Lakshmi‘s first mention is found in Shri Sukta of Rig Veda. According to the verses of Sukta, the person calls Lakshmi ji so that he can get wealth, grains, property and children. Lakshmi’s first statue was found near a Buddha stupa in which she was shown with lotus flower and pot. In Jain poetry Lakshmi has been linked to auspicious and positive works.

Lakshmi and Spirituality possess equal importance and place in mythology as well as in the mythological texts / traditions. Laxmi and all the objects seen in connection with them are given the same importance as gold – silver, money, diamonds, jewels etc. And so there are many festivals like Deepawali, Vishu, Baisakhi and Onam in India and in these wedecorate and worship money, jewelry and wealth.

Knowledge about Lakshmi comes from the Puranas. According to Buddhist poetry, Lakshmi was born in the lower world (Patal) and that’s why she’s Patal Nivasini (resident of the lower world) and due to this Lakshmi comes from below the Earth. It reaches earth in different forms but the path is below the earth in the lower world only like the seeds grow below the earth, all the metals are found below earth, all forms of fuel is found below earth, most important material on which life depends, water is also obtained from the bottom of the earth only.

Another ancient story says Indra was married to Pulomi who is a name of Lakshmi. Indra was a title that was given to the person who dose the highest number of sacrifice (yagy). In this way Indra used to change but Lakshmi or Pallomi remains the same. It means that wealth is not anybody’s lover, Lakshmi gives equal happiness to everyone, it does not see whether you are talented or not, you are doing virtuous or sin. Lakshmi does not discriminate, she loves everyone equallyand provides equal happiness.

According to some mythologies, Lakshmi is the daughter of Big Munificent Ocean (Mahadani Sagar). The ocean has been called Big Munificent (Mahadani) because it only gives it. Salt, fish, pearls, all these things we get from the ocean, and the ocean never leaves its shores, so the sea is called Big Munificent (Mahadani) and Lakshmi is the daughter of this Big Munificent (Mahadani).

Three Religions worship Goddess Lakshmi 

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