Three eyed Ganesh Temple in Rajasthan Sawai Madhopur

Three eyed Ganesh Temple

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Three eyed ganesh temple appears in the Ranthambore jungle on a mountain cliff that is located at an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level.

Three eyed ganesh temple  is called Swabhubhu because the statue to be worshiped in the temple is not made by any artist, but a part of Shri Ganesha’s face and the trunk of it has originated from the mountain itself.

On both sides of Ganesh’s shape, his sons Shubh and Labh, with wives of Shri Ganesha Riddhi and Siddhi can be seen. The sight of the entire family of Shri Ganesha is called the sight of five deities here.

three eyed ganesh temple
three eyed ganesh temple

According to the temple priests, the third eye of Ganapati represents intellect. An idol of Shri Vishnu is also seen in front of Shri Ganesha.

According to the history behind this temple, it is said that in the battle of Ranthambore in 1299 AD, there was a war between King Hammir and Alauddin Khilji..

At the time of the war, where the king lived, to take care of a shortage of food items and other essential things warehouses were filled with these items. The war lasted for many years and the things stored in warehouses began to end.

three eyed ganesh temple
three eyed ganesh temple

King Hammer was a very big devotee of Lord Ganesha. One night when he was asleep, Lord Ganesha came to his dream and said that all the shortcomings and problems will end by tomorrow morning.

Next morning, a statue of Lord Ganesha emerged from the wall of the fort with three eyes (Three eyed ganesh – Trinetra). Along with miracles the war ended, while the warehouse was filled again.

1300 AD In, King Hammer constructed a temple of Lord Ganesha He kept the statue of Lord Ganesha, Riddhi Siddhi (his wife) and two sons (Shubh Labh) with the idol (the mouse, Ganesha’s vehicle)


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