Shiva Worship for the Fulfillment of Pradosh Period

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The Pradosham period is also called the Twilight Bela, that evening is the time when the end of the day is coming and the night has not arrived. This is the time when the shepherds are taking their animals back to the village, the birds are going on the cliffs, the farmer is going home, the sun is immersed, but sunlight is still there and darkness of night is approaching slowly. The atmosphere is very lovely. It is believed that at this time Shiva Ji is very happy he dances on the Kailash mountain and playing dumbroo and all the other gods become part of this celebration like Saraswatiji plays Veena, Indra gives Brahma Tal, Mahalaxmiji is singing, Lord Vishnu plays Mridang.

Pradosham fast pleased Shiva-Parvati

In order to attain the happiness and sovereignty from Lord Shiva, Triyodashi (Teeras) is celebrated in the Shukla and Krishna Paksha every month. It has been said in the scriptures that by keeping Pradosham fasting, virtuous fruits get equal to donating two cows. In goddess Bhagwat, Pradosha has been considered as Goddess Vrat. On that day, Goddess Mahadev dated Parvati on the misery at dusk and danced with the deities in front of her. Therefore, worshiping Goddess Parvati should also be worshiped in the evening by fasting.

Freedom from Pradosham fast

The person who is suffering from the burden of loan and poverty, should take the help of Pradosha Puja and fast for liberation from these sufferings.

According to ‘Pradosh Stotra’

The person who praises the worship of Lord Shiva in Pradosh period gets freedom from loans and poverty, money is realized and if the king prays for Lord Shankar during the Pradosha period, then it will get longevity That is, he always remains neutral. The growth of the treasury and the increase of the army (escalation) happens.

According to Skanda Purana

Those who worship Lord Sadashiva devotedly during the Pradosh period, they get wealth, women and children and prosperity and their every kind of advancement.

Importance of Pradosh Fast Yield

According to today, the importance of Pradosha increases. If there is Pradodh on Monday and Shuklpak in Krishnapaksha on Saturn, then it is very fruitful. The result of Pradosha is different from a different war. Therefore, by whatever desire, the Pradosha fasting should start with Pradosha from the same level.

– ‘Somproduction’ provides comfort and protection.
– Tuesday’s ‘Bhumiprudash’ emanates from fast loan debt.
– On the day of Mercury, work is done from Pradosha fast.
– On Thursday, the Pradosha fast of the enemies calm down.
– Pradosh fortune of Friday, a woman is auspicious for happiness and prosperity.
– Pradosha fasting Saturday is going to give happiness to the child. – Pradosha of Sunday is fasting for health.

In Pradosha – Shiva worship

– Take bath, dress in fresh white clothes and prepare for Shiva pooja.
– Light Agarbatti, Google and Ghi lamp.
– Look at Lord Shiva on the north side and say ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.
– Then close your eyes and ask Shiva, ‘O my God and Parvati Ji, take away my worship, save me and my family from debt, misfortune, oppression, fear, all diseases and for the destruction of all sins.’
– Keep pronouncing ‘Namah Shiva’.
– Wash Shiv Ling with pure water.
– Bathe Shiva Ling with Panchamrit.
– Re-wash Shiva Ling with a pure water.
– Offer clothes, yajnopavati, sandalwood, acacia, perfume, Abir-gulal.
– Offer Flowers and Belpatr.
– Offer Nayvidya.
– Aarti.
– Speak your mind in front of Shiva ji.

Speak 11 times

” Bhayya bhavanshaya slump without pride |
Rashtriya Nilkantha Sarvay Shashimoulin ||

Fear of the exorcism and destruction of bhimayogra |
Ishnanya Namastu Bhiyam Pashunna Pataya Namah ||”

– Om Namah Shivaya’ 11 rounds of mala
– Distribute Prasad
– Make donations to the needy according to your reverence.

Pradosha fast

– Take the fruit
– Do not take food 
– Admit the food only after the completion of the Pradosham pooja
– Eat sattvic food
– Do not eat non-vegetarian food
– Tobacco-Panamasala, Beedi-cigarettes, forfeit alcohol


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