Why go to temple scientific facts…

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

Going to the temple is in practice in Hindu religion for centuries. According to common belief, we go to the temple to express our reverence to God. But many people know that there are many scientific reasons behind going to the temple.

– Positive Energy –

The structure of every temple is according to Vaastu. Shri Yantra (Vaastu Tool) is designed by taking inspiration from any Hindu temple. 
The temples are built in such a way that they have positive energy flows.
This powerful flow of positive energy helps in making a person physically and mentally healthy.

– Controlling the problem of hypertension –

Walking barefoot inside the temple puts pressure on specific points in feet thereby controlling the problem of hypertension,  and the flow of positive energy in the temple enters our body through the feet.

Tilak is placed on the forehead in the middle of the eyebrow, where we have a special pressure point that is connected to our brain. Putting the right amount of pressure on this specific point increases the concentration power of individual 

– Research says, when we hear the temple’s bell, its sound resonates in our ears for 7 seconds. During this, 7 points which relax the body become active. This helps in increasing the energy level.

Joining hands in the temple increases pressure on certain points of fingers, which are associated with many organs of the body and these organs of the body improve the function.
– The smoke of havan and camphor ends bacteria. This eliminates the risk of viral infection.
– The positive energy of the temple and the sound of the Shankh makes the mind calm and it causes stress.


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