Rameswaram Jyotirlinga | Rameswaram Island, Tamilnadu

rameswaram temple Jyotirlinga 

Rameswaram Island, Tamilnadu

Rameswaram Jyotirlinga is one of Shiva’s most famous temples. The architecture of this temple is beautiful. Like other temples in  South India, the temple of Rameswaram temple  is also surrounded by a large wall and it has huge towers on both sides.

There is a long corridor inside the temple, which is a sample of the beauty and pupil architecture. The 5-feet high platform has been constructed inside the temple and the big pillars have been planted on it with precision.

Rameshwaram By Ssriram mt – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

There are 22 sweet water ponds in the temple complex and it is believed that these 22 Kunds represent the 22 sacred rivers of India. According to the Puranas, the story behind both Shivling, established in the temple.

When Shri Ram returned to India after defeating Ravana from Lanka, he considered worshiping Shiva in Rameshwaram and worshiped him to ask for forgiveness of sins committed in the war.

For this, he had the need of Shivling and Hanuman Ji was sent to get Shivling. As Hanuman ji was getting late in bringing the Shivling, Sita Ji mixed the soil and sand and constructed the Shivalinga.

When Hanuman Ji came back, he was shocked to see the Shivling brought by him will not be worshiped by Rama.

But Shri Ram instructed that the worship of Shivalinga brought by Hanuman Ji should be performed before and since then this tradition continues in the temple. Shivaling made by Sita Ji is called Ramalingam and Shivalinga brought by Hanuman Ji is called Vishwangalam.

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