पीपल के पेड़ की पूजा और टोटके।

Worship Peepal ke Totke


In Indian culture, Peepal has been considered as a deity, according to the belief that Vishnu in the origin of Peepal, Keshav in the stem, Narayan in the branches, Shree Hari in the leaves and in the fruits always live forever. The life of Pipal Lord Vishnu: The idol is in shape.

The Peepal tree not only helps in removing the pollution of the environment but also to remove all our planet’s defects, apart from conducive to planetary states, many small astrological remedies related to People’s Tree also remove our wealth related problems.

Do it Read Peepal’s Tree to Remove Your Problems And Different Planets

Totake 1

Health problems of the bone system / legal constraints / job-dealing problems / father-inhibition of difficulty / paternity happiness


– Sunday or Sunday 11th round of the Peepal tree and offer 11 red flowers.
– Mix raw milk in the water and apply it on a Peepal tree.
– By meditating under the yellow tree, while praying for the diagnosis of your problem, all obstacles in life will start getting away and positive energy will also be attained.
– If there is a moon related problem or the lord of the birth constellation is the moon, then it should be used.

Totke 2

Winter cold / water related health problems / emotional problems Problems in Motherhood Suicides / Birth of the New Moon


– On the day of Monday or birth constellation, offer a white flower orbiting the yellow tree on that day.
– Some happy twigs of the Peepaltree should be kept in the bath water for some time and then bath with that water.
– By placing a leaf of Peepal on Monday or on the day of birth or birth, and by burning it on the day, then by writing it “green” on it, success is achieved by getting it on its work place and the path of money gains begins to pave the way.
Under the Pepper tree, Kapoor should mix ghee lamp together every Monday.

Totake 3

Accidental fears / enemy hinders / lack of confidence / having blood related problems

– On a Tuesday or a birth constellation, burnt in a copper lobe and offered it to the Peepal tree.
– Offer a red color floral on Tuesdays morning to Peepal Dev and do 8 rounds.
– Peepal’s red kopala (new red leaf), put it in the bath water on birth nakshatra or on Tuesday, and take bath with that water.
On the day of birth nakshatra, plant a tree of some trees along the path.
– Put some sugar in the morning on Tuesday morning under the People’s Tree.
– On Tuesday and on the day of their birth, the linseed oil of linseed oil should be placed under the PEP tree.

Totke 4

Mental instability / unknown phobia / neurology / difficulty in concentrating / decreasing commercial buds

– On the day of Wednesday or on the constellation of the birth constitutes bath under the peepal tree. .
Peepal’s green leaves should be bathe with that water by putting it in the water of bath and on Wednesday night in the constellation of birth.
– On the Wednesday and constellation day of the Peepal tree, you must do Parikrama.
– The lamp of jasmine oil should be applied on the day of Wednesday and birth constellation under the Peepal tree.
– On Wednesday, a little fragrance of jasmine should be sprayed on the Peepal tree, which gives a lot of benefit.
If the constellation is a master or a defect in the horoscope related to the planet, then the following experiments should be made. 

Totke 5

Problems in the digestive system and liver-related diseases / ancestral property and the problem of obstruction/maturity in marriage and marriage

– On the day of the yellow tree and on the day of its birth, yellow flowers and bhagi gram dal should be offered.
– Mix the pi in turmeric water and offer it on the yellow tree on the day of Thursday and birth constellation.
– Peep the leaves of the bath in the bath water and take bath with that water, along with this,
put the leafy leaf of Pipal on this day and keep it in the safe.
– Insert the lamps of cow’s ghee in the above days under the PEP and put the saffron in it.
– Keeping the mantra of Namo Narayanayya, orbiting the Peepal tree.
– If the Venus is contaminated or weak or the lord of the birth constellation then the following measures should be taken. 

Totke 6

Problems in marital life/lack of amenities in life/loss of attraction/lack of eye or confidential illness

– Sprinkle Perfume on Peepal Tree
– Bathe with curd and water by sitting under the yellow tree on the day of birth or Friday or Friday tree.
– On the day of constellation and Friday, peepal milk and white flowers.
– Orbiting Peepal on every Friday morning.
– Burning camphor in the house by keeping the leaves on the leaves. 

Totake 7

Loss of money/hostility/ regular health problems and legal fears of social harassment/theft

On Saturday, apply some small mustard oil on the peep and lamps of Saraso oil.
– On the day of Saturday and the birth nakshatra, orbiting the Peepal tree and meditation for some time after it.
– Planting Pepper’s tree at the appropriate place on Saturday.
– On Saturday, immerse the root of Peepal in Saraso oil and keep it in black cloth.

 Totke 8

On the birth nakshatra, chanting Namy Apartheid while circling the Peepal tree

– Take the soil from the peepal tree and mix it with cow urine or Ganga Jal, and make a Shiva linga and immerse it in a disgraceful calm and flowing it into running water.
– Pipal red floral on birth nakshatra or Saturn on Saturday.
– On the day of the birth constellation, Gamasutra was found beneath the peeping, and after taking a bath in a voluntary manner.
– Sit down under People

Totke 9

Loneliness/childhood problems of happiness / sudden loss of big money / no problem on face/loss of property 

– Plate a laddoo or email of Motichur on the Peepal tree every Saturday.
– Offer water mixed on Gingal water every morning on Pipal / Saraso oil.
– Offer moles on the peep, mixed water, on the day of the birth constellation.
– Performing an orbiting of People of the Nativity and chanting the Ketave Namah Mantra
– Put a small yellow flame on the day of birth and keep it safe by showing it a sunny lamp.
– Put sweet bread on yellow leaves and blossom in it.

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