Numbers tell about personality

Numbers tell a lot about the personality of the person. Make a total of the birth date and birth month of a person to know more about his personality. Try it on self to understand it better 

How to do it.  For example your birth date is 17, September so take 17 and add it with month number that is 09 for September, So calculation will be 1 + 7 + 9 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8. Take one more example 11th, December 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 5 this time it’s number five, to know more about this person check out characteristics under number 5. 

Now see what the different Numbers tell about personality about the person concerned. 


Numbers tell about personality
Numbers tell about personality

Numbers tell about personality

Number 1: You are a self-motivated person, you do not like to seek help from others, you have the qualities of a born leader and you do not like to work under anybody. You prefer to take all the decisions of life independently. 

Number 2: You can say that you are a very imaginative person and prefer to live life according to your thoughts in a very calm way, topics such as art, music, dance and writing can be your favorite, and along with the secret scriptures like astrology You have special interest in, you like to dream, most of your self-sufficiency is enough. 

Number 3: You like to live funny and live with the current situation, you love reading the language and talking a lot about any subject, it is a good gesture on your language and you attract people to your practice very quickly. Take it. You are mostly very cheerful, but when you are unhappy, nobody can understand you. 

Number 4 : You are a hard-working person and love any work with heart, you love your home and family very much and you are very happy with them, you are both expert in your opponents and your partner. 

Number 5: To make and spend money, you have to love both, with many friends, you live life with joy, attracted to the people of the opposite sex. You do not like to live by the responsibilities and rules given by others, you are happy to live by your own accord. 

Number 6: You are a very responsible person and protects every person related to you very much. You prefer to live peacefully among your family and friends, is a very quiet tendency person. First of all, there is a peace of mind for you. 

Number 7: You are very difficult to understand, you feel very calm even when you are very troubled, you are busy with research and study, it is very difficult to win your trust. You love walking and traveling. 

Number 8: People often say bad things about you because you do not know how to make business, you are very skilled in making money and money, too much expert in getting your work done from your subordinates, cannot tell anyone’s talk of the matter so that people work Likes. 

Number 9: The innate leadership of a congenital leader is very interested in politics and social service, many times your self-confidence gets on the extreme, you are interested in doing everything yourself and try to see yourself more Yet people like you and you help people with their heart.


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