Never See Back of Ganesha

Never See Back of Ganesha Religion

Ganesha is considered as the First to be worshipped God as per Hindu Religion. A single view at Ganesha idol is enough to make the heart of any devotion happy.

His aura is such that the devotee feels calm and with the blessing of Ganesh Ji he archives success. Ganesha, who is considered to be the loser of all misery and overcome all obstacles coming in the way of the progress of his devotees.

He protects the devotee from enemies. But it is also said that one should not see back of Sri Ganesh. Darshan of his back has been barred.

Religion Never See Back of Ganesha

On the body of Ganesha, life, and body belonging to the universe resides. Religion exists on the trunk of Ganesha, knowledge on the ears, the right-hand holds blessings, left-hand holds food, wealth in the stomach, the universe in the navel, goal in the eyes, seven universes in the feet and the Brahmlock exists in the head.

Upon seeing Ganesha in front of him, all the above happiness and prosperity are attained.  It is believed that there is a residence of poorness on the back of Ganpati. Even if a very rich person sees back of Ganesha then the effect of poverty on his house increases.

That is why Never See Back of Ganesha. After seeing the back unconsciously, pray to Lord Ganesha for forgiveness and worship him. Then the bad effect will be destroyed.


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