Mooshakraj -The vehicle of Shri Ganesh is a mouse named Dink


In ancient times, there was Ashram of Soubhri Rishi on the Sumeru mountain. He had a very beautiful wife whose name was Manomai.
One day Soubhri Rishi went to the forest to collect wood. At the same time, Gandharva, Devil, came there and saw a very beautiful Manomani, he was distraught and caught the hand of the sage-wife.


When Soubhri Rishi saw this he cursed Gandharva and said, ‘You have committed the crime of touching my wife’s , and I curse you, that you’ll become a mouse, you’ll have to stealing under the earth to fill your stomach.
Gandharva was scared of hearing the curse and started asking for forgiveness from him and he joined hands and pleaded. He said that ‘ as due to imprudence he lost control on himself and by mistake , I touched your wife’s hand.


Please forgive me’ Hearing his apology, Rishi said that my curse would not be in vain, but in Dwapar Age, Ganpati Dev would appear in the form of Gajmukh, as son of Maharishi Parashar, then you will become his vehicle and will be called ‘Dink’.
When you’ll become Ganesha’s vehicle all God’s will also respect you.
And all the world then you will sing and praise and will acknowledge you as ‘Sri Dink ji’


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