Meaning of Shivalinga and its associated beliefs

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

Due to the absence of information and knowledge, some people confuse others that Shivling is one part of the male body while this is not true. 

India’s culture and civilization are among the oldest cultures of the world, and in many mythological texts, it is found that the culture, civilization, language of India was very advanced. Since more than 3,500 years, the Sanskrit language is the primary literary language of the Hindu religion, and in addition to the main language of most of the Hindu philosophy, some of the major books of Buddhism and Jainism are in Sanskrit.

Region, civilization, culture plays an important role in the development of language. Language also gives a glimpse of the culture and civilization of many countries around it and same can be seen in the language of neighbouring countries. In Chinese language, the meaning of the Ling is ‘soul, inner mind’, in Sanskrit language Ling means ‘symbol’ which is the essence of many inclusive things and emotions. 

Similarly Shiva Linga means “The sign of Shiva”or ‘Shiva’s symbol’ which reminds us of Shiva. Shiva, which is omnipresent, is formless, is in the heart of every devotee, which is the same for all, it is your place of residence, your innermost or self-esteem. Shivaling communicates with the devotee in the language of silence. The ancient Hindu texts “Ling Purana”say that the most important Ling is devoid of odor, color, taste etc., and it is known as Prakrit or Nature. After the Vedic period, Ling become symbol of origin of the Lord Shiva and his power.

Ling is like an egg and represents the universe. The Ling indicates that the creation is influenced by the union of the male and female forces of nature and of the male nature. It is also a symbol of truth, knowledge, and infinite – truth, knowledge and infinite. Ling is thought to focus and stimulate the concentration of mind, there is a mysterious or ineffable power in it. 

And that is why since ancient times, it was established by the multidisciplinary people of India, the sages-monks in Shiva’s temples, and since then this has become tradition . Today for devotees Linga is no stone piece, but it’s the symbol of holy power, at the top, because ling shows its path, body consciousness arises, helps to communicate with Shiva. The scholar Ravana had worshiped Golden Ling to get the stealthy powers and Lord Rama worshiped Shiv Ling inRameshwaram before making a bridge to Lanka.


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