Mata Tripura Sundari, Banswara Rajasthan

Mata tripura sundari is in Banswara Rajasthan. It is popularly known as tripura sundari because the deity changes it’s form three times in a day. Banswara has been called Choti Kashi, which shows it’s religious significance. Banswara is an area surrounded by the Aravali ranges in dakshinchal, Rajasthan. The region is covered with rivers, reservoirs and picturesque plains of nature. This region of of Vagad region has been of importance to the religion since immemorial. There are innumerable famous temples of various deities. The Nirmal, Salila Nahi river with spirituality and holy stream is considered Ganges here. Among many temples of purahamatva in the area of such sacred Mahi river, there is an grand temple of Maa Tripura Sundari near talwara town, 20 km from Banswara district. The temple is one of the major 52 Shakti Peeth. The idol of Sinhwahini Maa Bhagwati Tripurasundari is of asthadash (eighteen) arms. The five feet tall idol has replicas of nine forms of Maa Durga.  Maa seems to be wearing three forms during the day due to her being a Singh, mayur and Kamlasini, in which we know it as Tripura Sundari by giving darshan of the mother in the form of Kumarika in the morning Bela, yovana Sundari in the afternoon and evening. The temple area is Serene and scenic. Devotees from around the globe come here to worship Mata. They worship and ask whatever they need from Maa and when will wishes are fulfilled it’s celebrated with religious events. The idol is mesmerizing. The temple area is transcendental, Serene and full of beauty. This temple remains a bridge of public faith for the devotees.

Historical proof of temple construction period is not available, but an inscription of Vikram Samvat 1540 has been found in this area. From this, it is estimated that this temple dates back to the time of emperor Kanishka. There was a metropolis called Garhpoli around here. In this area, there were three fortifications named Sitapuri, Shivpuri and Vishnupuri. The inscription mentions the work triurari. This goddess killed demons like Shumbha and Nishumbh. Mother Tripura also fought with Trivurari demon. Mother Tripura Sundari which is divine, gives light of knowledge and removes suffering of devotees extends throughout the world.

In martial life all kinds of task such as discord, rage of a loved one, getting respect are instantly successful with the practice of goddess. The goddess is worshipped as a supplier of enjoyment and salvation.

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