mahaadev ki adbhut leela 1 | rishi shree maarkandey aur yamaraaj ki kahaanee

You must have heard the names of sages and maharishis. We get an inspiration from there life. There life goes through a stage in which they have t to struggle so much that they became a great personality. One such sage was Markandeya Rishi. Markandeya Rishi was born with a fortune of sixteen years. But on the strength of his devotion and reverence he became Chiranjeevi. Let us read the story of Markandeya Rishi

There was a celibate named Mrigashrringa. He was married to Suvrita. A son was born to Mrigashrunga and Suvrata. His son always scratched their body. Hence Mrigashrunga named him Mrikandu. Mrikandu had all the best qualities. His body was inhabited by Tej. Staying with his father, he studied the Vedas. According to the father’s orders, he married Mridgul Muni’s daughter Marudvati.

Birth of sage Markandeya

Mrkandu ji’s married life was being passed peacefully. But no child was born to their home for a long time. For this reason, he and his wife meditated hard. He meditated and pleased Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva told the sage that,
“O Muni, we are pleased with your austerity. Do you ask for a born”?

Then the sage Mrikandu said,
“Lord, if you are really pleased with my penance, grant me a son as a boy”.
Bhagwan Shankar then said to Muni Mrkandu,
“O Muni, you want a child with a long lifespan. Or do you want a talented son of sixteen years of age? “
Muni said ,
“God, I want a son who possesses qualities and possesses all kinds of knowledge, no matter how young he is.

Lord Shankar blessed him with a son and became impotent. In due course of time, a child was born in the house of Mahamuni Mrkandu and Marudvati who later became famous as the sage Markandeya.

Hamuni Mrikandu gave all kinds of education to Markandeya. Maharishi Markandeya was an obedient son. Fifteen years passed while living with parents. When the sixteenth year began, the parents started feeling depressed. The son many times tried to find out the reason for his sadness from them. One day Maharishi Markandeya stubbornly insisted, then Mahamuni Mrkandu told that Bhagwan Shankar has given you only sixteen years of age and it was near completion. I am mourning for this reason.

Hearing this much, Markandeya Rishi told his father that you should not worry, I will convince Shankar ji and postpone my death. After this they went away from home to a forest. By establishing a Shivalinga there, they started worshiping methodically. Markandeya Rishi was very knowledgeable. He composed a mantra to please Shiva

When the time came, Yamraj reached to take Maharishi Markandeya to Yamlok. Maharishi asked for some time by saying that he is praising Lord Shiva right now. Wait until I am done. But Yamraj refused to do so, Markandeya Rishi ji protested. When Yamraj wanted him to take, Maharishi Markandeya clunged to the Shivling. Lord Shiva appeared there to amidst all this.
He preached to Yamaraj to not take the life of Maharishi Markandeya. After that, the death god Yamraj went away after getting Shiva’s orders

Seeing the reverence and faith of Markandeya Rishi, Bhagwan Shankar gave him the order to live for many kalpas. And by giving his mantra the place of Mahamrityunjaya quantity, he gave the order that whoever chants Mahamrityunjaya mantra will never die prematurely. After receiving the order of immortality, the Maharishi returned to his parents at the ashram and after staying with them for a few days began to discover the earth and glorify the Lord to the people.

In this way, by keeping faith in God, Markandeya Rishi gave an example that no one can imagine. The Sri Markandeshwar temple named after him stands near National Highway No.1 on the banks of Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra Markanda River. The campus is spread over 8 acres.

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