Lord Shiva’s incarnation Bhagwan Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav and Shankar

Once all the gods, Rishi’s, Brahmas and Vishnu sat on Mount Sumeru. While talking, the rishis spoke to Brahmaji, Shiva is the best in Gods, but Brahma ji said with pride and ego that, ‘I am the only doer of all the world, I am the leader and I am the best and I am also the greatest ‘

But after listening to this, Vishnu became angry, and he described himself as supreme and superior, and on this matter the status,  dispute started between Brahma and Vishnu. Both of them saw themselves in the place of superior and supreme man. And so they wanted to know from Ved who is the best of both. Even according to the Vedas, Shiva was the best and above all the gods. After  listening this Brahma and Vishnu got angry from Vedas and said, ‘This ill-fated treasurer whose veil is always wrapped in a serpent, he keeps his body wrapped in ashes, its hair is so tall, wears animal skin instead of clothes, dances and plays Damru How can he be superion than us? ‘ Then Pranav also assumed a formula and said Shiva as Supreme god. But even then Brahma and Vishnu did not believe, and then a divine light appeared. Seeing him, Brahma ji said, ‘Do not be afraid of me, you were born from my head. Due to crying I kept your name ‘Rudra’. You come into my shelter. ‘


Seeing all this Shiva ji got angry and to punish Brahma, Shiva ji created a divine man and named him ‘Bhairav’ and said – ‘Everyone will fear you and the time will also dare and hence your name will be’ Kaal Bhairav ‘ . You are as beautiful as the times, so your name will be ‘Kalraj’. You will mend the wicked in anger, so your name will be ‘arrogant’. Due to the removal of the sins of the devotees, they will be called ‘cure’. First of all, punish this Brahma. From the best of all the beauties, I am Muktadayini Kashipuri, from today you will be its ruler. ‘

Kaal Bhairav
kaal bhairav

On the orders of Lord Shankar, Kaal Bhairav cut the fifth face of Brahmaji with the nail of his left finger. Brahma-Vishnu became frightened, their ego was destroyed, and both of them started chanting Shankarji’s mantras. The chopped mouth got stuck in the hands of Kaal Bhairav and the Brahmahaitya began to adopt a feminine form and followed him. Lord Shankar asked him to take partial fasting and adopt Bhikshavtan as an atonement. Lord Bhairav reached the ‘Kadalmokhan Tirtha’ of Varanasi. As soon as he reached Kashi the head stuck on his hand fell down and Brahmahaitya went to the lower world. From then onwards on coming to this shrine, bathing and sacrificing the deities and the fathers, man gets rid of Brahma Vaahitya.


Kaal Bhairav – the governor of Kashipuri (Varanasi), the gatekeeper and city head. Eight Bhairavs are located in eight directions of Varanasi, whose names are-


Ruru Bhairav,

Chand Bhairav,

Asitang Bhairav,

Kapal Bhairav,

Anger bhairav

Frantic Bhairav,

Khelhar Bhairav, and



Bhagwan Kal Bhairav’s favorite worship-material

Rola, Sindoor, Raktchandan, Red flower, Jiggery, Urad big, Paddy lava (Khayl), Sugarcane juice, Sesame oil, Myrrh, red cloth, banana, mustard oil – By worshiping Kaal Bhairav from these ingredients They are very happy.



Eight revolutions of Bhairavji every day can remove all the sins done by a man


51 Shakirpithas are protected by Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav protects 51 Shakti Peethas of the Goddess Durga, by adopting different names and forms. He also conveys the prayers  of devotees Goddess Durga.


The incarnation of Lord Shankar of Puranwatar Kaal Bhairav was done on the Ashtami date of Margashirsh (Agahan) month’s Krishna paksh. Their worship on this day is very fruitful. Also, on Tuesday, Ashtami and Chaturdashi have special significance for Kal Bairav Darshan.


By their worship –

– Man’s troubles are destroyed

– Wishes are fulfilled

– gets a long life

– Also man is successful and happy

– Lord Shiva’s Bhairav incarnation to take care of selfego and false pride Brahmaji

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