Kanyadan Meaning

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

An important ritual for every marriage of Hindu religion is Kanyadan. In the ceremony of Kanyadan, the father hands over his daughter to Groom. Kanyadan’s ritual has a very deep meaning, which is rarely known to people. In the ceremony of Kanyadan, the father hands over his daughter to Groom and wishes that he is entrusting his beloved daughter to the groom. My daughter, who is my wealth, is my Lakshmi and when she goes into your family she will bring joy and prosperity with her. Also, I request that I get wisdom from the blessings of Saraswati so that I can understand and experience pleasure of giving. This ritual Kanyadan was called because the father donated the daughter and wishes to get wisdom. When Dakshina is made money is sought in return and in Bhiksha power is sought in return, whereas Dhaan is the only work in which wisdom is sought in exchange.


Havana in marriage rituals, both the family members and groom bride keep both hands together, food and other items are devoted in the havan kund so that with the smoke generated from the fire, all the objects can reach the Gods standing above the sky. As well as on the earth, cattle, dogs, crows, snakes, banana trees and pipal, stone and water are offered, through this verse, it is said that humanity does not remain in isolation but it’s with everyone.


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