9 Interesting facts about Shri Ganesha

Interesting facts about Shri Ganesha

Interesting facts about Shri Ganesha

– Shri Ganesh enjoys the position of first worshiped God in Hindu religion. Before starting any auspicious work, Ganesh is worshiped first before any other god is worshiped 

– Ganapati was born at 12 o’clock aftrnoon of the Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi 

– Mother Parvati kept the fast called ‘Punyak’ for son’s birth. Because of this fast, Mata Parvati received Shri Ganesh as her son. 

– According to Shiva Mahapurana, the idea of Mata Parvati to create a Shrignesh was given to her friends Jaya and Vijaya. Just like Nandi follows the command of Shiva, there should be someone who is dedicated to Parvati only. Impressed with this thought, Mother Parvati composed Shri Ganesh from the scum of her body. 

– According to Shiva Mahapurana, the durva which is to be ascended to Ganpati, should be long as finger with three lumps and should be rootless. 

– According to Shiva Purana, the color of the body of Shri Ganesha is red and green. Red color represents power and green is considered symbol of prosperity. Therefore, where there is Ganesha, there is the power and prosperity. 

– Shri Ganesh wrote the Mahabharata. Vedvyas dictated and Ganeshji wrote it. 

– According to Shivamahapurana, there were two wives of Ganpati, Riddhi and Siddhi and their sons are Shubh & Labh. 

– According to Shivamahapuran, when Lord Shiva was going to destroy Tripura, then the Aakashwani took place that by the time you did not worship Shree Ganesha, you would not be able to kill Tripura. Then Lord Shiva called Bhadrakali and worshiped Gajanan and won victory in the war. 

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