Importance of worship of various forms of Ganesha

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

– Ganesha of Safed Ankda –

Ganesh idol made of the root of the Safed Ankda (a type of plant), have special significance. It is also called Shvetark Ganapati. There is no effect of any upper hindrance in the house when worshiping the Shvetaraka Ganapati.

– Coral Ganesha –

Coral is a gem of orangered color. By worshiping Ganesha idol made of orangered color, the fear of the enemy ends and every wish of ganesha devotees is fulfilled.

– Ganesha of Emerald –


Emerald is a green gem. Worshiping Ganesh idol from the Emerald gets wisdom and achievement. It is best for the students to worship Ganesha made of the Emerald.

– Ganesha of silver –

It is very appropriate to worship the Ganesha statue made of silver for those wishing for money. The worship of Ganesha statue made of silver increases the wealth and it arises fast. By worshiping them, physical pleasures are attained in life.

– Ganesha of sandalwood –

Setting up a statue of made of sandalwood in the house keeps the harmony between the members of the family, there is no dispute and the family atmosphere is happy.

– Parad Ganesh –

The worship of the Ganesha statue made of Para is considered as good for attaining wealth.

– Ganesha playing the flute –

When you worship Ganesha statue playing the flute it removes problems or disputes in the house and there is an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

– Green Ganesha –

Worshipping of the green Shri Ganesh gives rise to knowledge and intellect. Students should especially worship the idol of Lord Ganesha or a picture of a green colour.

– Ganesha sitting on an elephant –

Shree idol Ganesh sitting on the elephant provides wealth and prosperity, strong financially base and standing in society.

– Dancing Ganesh –

Dancing with Ganesha worshipping brings peace.

– Panchamukhi Ganesh –

For the accomplishment of the mechanism of action, the Pancha Mukha Shree Ganesha is worshipped; hence, any mechanism of action is fulfilled in any obstacle.


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