Ganesha names in each era

Ganesha names

In every era, Ganapati comes on earth. Based on the requirements of every era, the incarnations of Shri Ganapati have been –

Kratyuga (Satyayuga)

Mahakatak Vinayak who was born between Rishi Kashyap and his wife Aditi This incarnation of Shri Ganesh protected the religion by killing two monsters, Devantak and Narantak and then finished the avatar.

In Tretayuga 

Gunesh was born from Uma on the day of Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi. In this incarnation, Ganesh killed the demon Sindhu and married the gods of Brahma, Siddhi, and Buddhi.


Shri Ganesh was called Ganjanan in this era, he was born from Goddess Parvati. In this incarnation, Shri Gajanan killed Demon Sindurasur and saved many kings and heroic men from the captivity of demons. Shri Ganesh gave the teachings of Ganesha to King Vrayna in this incarnation. Ganeshgita tells us about the path of salvation, gives to all supernatural powers, eliminates ignorance and clarifies the true goal of human life.


According to Bhavya Purana, the fourth incarnation of Lord Ganapati in the name of Dhumraketu or Dhumaravan will be born in Kaliyug and will destroy the asuras.

Ganesha names

Ganesha names

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