Some Rare facts related to Shri Ganesha

Ganesha information

All devotees have the curiosity to know more about their deity.
Therefore, today we have some important information related to Shri Ganesha which tells the variations found in the statues of Shri Ganesha and the implied meaning of various parts of the idol. 

Ganesha information
Ganesha information


– Normally statues – 

The idol of Shri Ganapati is given in the form of  ‘Ekdantam, Chaturtham …’ (Ekadantacha Chaturastan) in Shri Ganapathyathvarishhera, it means that this is with one tooth and four hands. 
In one hand holds is a pash or noose, one holds a lotus flower, one hand holds food and one hand is giving blessings to the devotee. A mouse is sitting near his feet. Body decorated with beautiful expensive ornaments and the head is adorned with a crown.  Some changes in the statues of Shri Ganesha that we get to see 

– Posture – 

Ganapati statues can be seen in Padmasana (a lotus mudra) or sometimes in a river mudra (a dance currency). 

– Color – 

Haridranapati and Urdhagnapati are made in yellow color. Panglangapati is in the skin of human skin, and Lakshmigapati is white in color. 

– Naked – 

In the idol of Lord Ganapati, idol is mostly naked. The power (divine energy) of Ganesha is also with the idol. 

– Female form – 

In Shukta sect, Shri Ganapati is worshiped in a feminine form. 

– Ganeshwari – 

An extremely attractive statue of Ganeshwari is found in the Sundindram temple of Tamilnadu. 

– Ardha Ganeshwari – 

It has a very meaningful form in system-wiseness. 

– Ganeshaani – 

This woman form is found in very rare Tantric-Mantra worship.

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