Ganesh Temple in the USA

( हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें )

Thirteen acres of land with a gently sloping hill and a magnificent view were purchased in Bellevue in July 1982.  Bhoomi Pooja was performed on Ganesha Chaturthi day, August 22, 1982. Sri Ganesha Temple was officially opened on April 14, 1985. 

Sri Ganesha temple was designed by Sri Muthiah Sthapathi and resembles the temple architecture of Chola dynasty (900AD -1150AD). The groundbreaking ceremony of the main temple complex, or phase 2, took place in November 1989, and the basic construction was completed in September 1990. 

Ten shilpis from India worked for 2 years to complete the Indianization of the temple with delicate ornamental work. The Vimana, or tower on top of Ganesha sanctum, is 48 feet tall and has 5 tiers. Other Vimanas are 24 feet tall. Sri Ganesha Temple also has 16 forms of Ganesha placed on the outer wall of the Ganesha sanctum. 

Moorthi Sthaapana and Kumbhabhishekam were conducted as per agama Shastra on a grand scale on September 2, 1991. Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati was the chief guest, along with many other dignitaries.


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