Ganapati brought Ganga in south India

Ganapati – After Shiva Parvati’s marriage, a large number of people started going towards the Kailas Mountains to worship them. Because of so many people moving toward the Kailas mountain, the world started bending towards the north and the balance of the earth started deteriorating. Seeing the imbalance, Shivji requested Sage Agastya that they should go south and make a balance. South India used to be very dry and there was a big problem of water. When Sage Agastya was starting his journey to south, Shivji gave him some holy water of Ganga. Agastya sage carefully preserved the water of the Ganges in the vessel.


One day after reaching South, when Agastya Sage was asleep, Shri Ganesh changed himself to crow and cut the pot of Agastya which had the Ganga water. As soon as the water leaves vesselit turned into a river and it is called the Kaveri river in the whole of South India. This river is called “Kaveri” – which was spread by a crow. By the grace of Shri Ganesha, the Kaveri river has given life for all South India and is worshiped till today.

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