Bhimashankar Temple,

Khed, District Pune, Maharashtra

Bhimashankar Temple is located in Khed, District Pune, Maharashtra. On seeing, the temple seems to be quite new, but the literature of Thirteenth Century BC, Bhimashankar Temple is mentioned that Saint Jnaneshwar came to visit Bhimashankar and Trimbakeshwar. Another unique feature of the temple is that the huge bell in front of the temple, which is made in Roman style and on it, the image of Mother Mary is engraved with Jesus and 1721 it is also mentioned. The legend about the existence of the Bhima-shankar temple is that when Bhima, son of Kumbhakarna, discovered that his father was slaughtered by Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Rama, he was very angry. Bhima vowed to take vengeance from Lord Vishnu and started doing penance to please Brahma.


Bhrama ji was pleased and granted enormous power to Bhima. With newly acquired Bhima started destruction to the earth. In this series, he alsodefeated Kamrupeshwar and locked him in jail, Kamrupeshwar was a devotees of Shiva. After seeing the opportunity, all the Gods came to Shiva and requested to stop destruction on earth. Bhima did not bow in front of Shiva and challenged for the war, Shankar ended Bhima and at the request of God he made this place as his residence. It is believed that the sweat that came out of Shiva’s body in the war is Bhima river which is derived from here and goes to the Krishna River in the southeast.

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