Basic mantras for life by Shri Ganesh

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shree ganesha

1. Focus – 
Always focus on the goal. Nothing comes easy so on the path towards the target, obstacles will come, but our focus towards the goal should never change. We should not get distracted from the path for any reason.

2. Listen –  shree ganesha
it is necessary to listen more than speaking because when we listen we get to know that we do not know. By listening, we get to know about others’ experiences, which can be learning for us, we get knowledge from listening to great things. By listening to fools, we get to know what we should not do and say. By listening to the younger generation, we get new ideas. Listening to the wise people increases our intellect. And to listen to our inner voice also we need to listen.

3. Spirituality – shree ganesha
Try to touch the sky of spirituality as there is no limit to it. Always keep an open mind and work for your mental development, accept the changes as it is the rule of Nature, the knowledge gained from the experience will help to see life as a lesson and help overcome the stress, in the extension of the spiritual path of inner peace will be paved.

4. Adopt silence – 
Silent is gold. It is difficult to remain silent because in society we have to speak to prove ourselves right or wrong. But once the power of silence is understood, it is difficult to stay away from it. Silence is the most powerful weapon, in front of silence everything fails. A silent person becomes spiritually, mentally, physically strong and powerful. Scripture says where the end of the word, the truth begins. Gautam Buddha took the help of silence to attain enlightenment.shree ganesha shree ganesha shree shree ganesha shree ganesha 


shree ganesha
shree ganesha

5. Be selfless –
break the bonds with selfishness and attach to selflessness. Help others as much as you can, because for you Shri Ganesh is there to take care. If the seed becomes selfish, then the wheel of this nature will stop. Nature gives everything without selfishness and we human beings are just taking it.

6. Karma and acceptance – 
pay attention only to doing karma and accept whatever is the result. Humans tend to be used to guess the value of the fruit. Every person wishes for the desired result and is unhappy by not getting the desired result. If success gives something then failure also teaches something. But man ignores the lesson of failure in his anticipated fruit and is unhappy. Whatever is the consequence of karmas and karmas without consequence, accepting the result is the key to self-restraint.

7. You are the most powerful – 
We are the biggest problems and at the same time solutions are also us. We think of ourselves as weak and therefore become weak and when we go ahead with self-confidence, we overcome all obstacles. It’s wrong to blame the resources that we had less or no resources. Success or victory is not just about resources but it is about us. We are powerful souls and if we focus on solutions rather than a problem, then there is nothing in the world that we can not achieve.

8. We’ll be seen as we project ourself – shree ganesha
If we want to look good we need to act well. Pleasant words, gentle manners, a bright smile and good behavior with everyone will attract anyone to us. In contrast, if we use bad words, we’ll fight, will try to cheat, then all will try to keep a distance from us. Sweetness is inherent in our innate nature, we just have to adopt it and bring it into practice.,

9. Believe –  shree ganesha
Do not let your faith sting? Believe in Shri Ganesha, believe in your karma, trust yourself, leave everything else on its own. You will get whatever you deserve, nature will make sure that you receive what you deserve. Have trust in your god and your efforts


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