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Everybody wants to own a house, it’s not too hard to buy your own house, but many people, despite millions of attempts, cannot raise enough money to buy their own accommodation. Sometimes due to the situation, even if the person is wealth then to he’s not able to buy his house, there can be several other reasons for this other than money. From the astrological perspective, there are many yog (summations) that do not allow one to stay in own accommodation. In the birth horoscope, the fourth house is the house of pleasures, and the man finds the most pleasure/happiness only under the roof of his own house. It is different than someone is destined with a very big house and someone with small but the happiness of owning a house is not comparable. Therefore, the 4th house is studied to understand the summations of ones owning a house. 

Similarly planet Mars is the planet of land hence it is also called the son of the land. Therefore the position of Mars along with the fourth house is analyzed in the horoscope. If the position of planet Mars and fourth house in the horoscope are very poor then the person may not get the pleasure of living in your own house. Mercury and Venus are called the Rajsukh Dai Planet, in the condition of both of these, the Jatak (person) enjoys very good pleasures of life but if they are in a poor condition or are making a very bad yog (summation) with the fourth house, then it will be very difficult for the person to live in his own house. But if one or both of them are related to the fourth house, then the person lives in a very good residence. Strong position of Mars in the fourth house, definitely makes you landowner, and if there is a sight of Mercury, Venus or Guru on this person, then the person lives in his house, and if anyone of these is owner of the ninth house with relation in the fourth house than the person gets house from his father or someone elder.

The relation between Twelveth house and fourth house is not considered good in such circumstances, the person loses the damage to his own house, same way combination of Surya and Rahu with the fourth house is also not considered good as people with such combination had to repeatedly change their place. The relation of the fourth house with the sixth house makes the building or the property disputant, person with this combination should invest in property in someone else’s name. During the journey of Guru from the fourth house or Guru’s sight on the fourth house during his journey makes a very good combination, in such a situation, the person moves into his own house. If the master of the fourth house is placed in a very good condition than at the right time the person makes his own residence.

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