Astrological significance of twelve jyotirlingas

Shiva Puja has its own special Astrological significance in the Shravan month, due to the Shiva devotees, the entire atmosphere gets absorbed in Shiva. At such a time, it becomes important to understand the significance of twelve Jyotirlingas from the astrological point of view, just as the whole universe It is divided into twelve zodiacs and it is not a coincidence that Shiva also gave us twelve Jyotirlingas.

The way the devoted deity of the person can be traced from every horoscope and remembrance and chanting of that devoted deity is the solution of all his sufferings, the devotee of Shiva can get his favored Jyotirlinga Kari. And worshiping that Jyotirlinga regularly not only destroys all of our sins, but we get happiness and peace because our Jyotirlinga is directly related to our soul, hence it is also called self-assertion.

Astrological significance

These twelve Jyotirling are associated with twelve amounts which are described in the lower table, and then through a special astrological calculation, one of these twelve expressions is released and then there is a Jyotirlinga associated with the amount present in that house, your own Jyotirlinga. Regular darshan, remembrance, and anointing of this special Jyotirlinga gives special grace of Shiva and also destroys all our sufferings.

The special Jyotirlinga (Ataling) is remembered by Mahamantra “Namah Shivaya” next to “Namah” and then by the name of the said Jyotirling, for example, if someone’s soul is Rameshwaram, then his Jyotirlinga mantra was “Namah Bala Namah Rameshwaroya” Or if someone has “Somnath”, his Jyotirlinga mantra became “Namah Bada Namah Somnathay”.


Aries = Rameswaram
Taurus = Somnath
Gemini = Nageshwar
Cancer = Omkareshwar
Singh = Vaidyanath
Kanya = Mallikarjuna
Libra = Mahakaleshwar
Scorpio = Ghrishneshwar
Sagittarius = Vishwanath
Makar = Bhimashankar
Kumbh = Kedarnath
Pisces = Trimbakeshwar

Astrological significance
Astrological significance

Not only this, the celebration of Jyotirlinga, in relation to the removal of planetary defects, not only removes the defects of that planet, but also provides superior results by making it more dominant.

Jyotirlinga’s connection to the planet is also by means of zodiac signs, as if the Aries is the sum of the Sun’s height, therefore the worship of Rameswaram is best for removing the defects related to the Sun, just like the moon is the Taurus and the guru’s cancer is called Taurus.

Similarly, Jyotirlinga related to the relieving of every planet can be worshiped like Shri Somnath and Omkareshwar. For example, Lord Ram had established Dnyaneshwar (Rameswaram) for redressing his sincerity and got freedom from it, in the same way every zodiac sign is from a planet and that planet belongs to Jyotirlinga, which is the prevention of our planets. With us gives happiness and prosperity.

Astrological significance

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