Ashtvinayak means – “”Eight Ganpati”These eight very ancient temples are also called the “eight Shakti Peeth of Lord Ganesha, situated in “Maharashtra. Eight holy temples of Ashtavinayak near Pune are located in the region of 20 to 110 km.

These temples have mythological significance and history. Among them, statues of the hermit Ganesha are said to be self-made and has manifested itself. All these Ganesha idols natural not man-made. These eight temples of ‘ “Ashtvinayak‘ are very old and ancient. All these special mentions have been done in Ganesh and Mudgal Puranas, which are groups of holy scriptures of Hindu religion. Each of these temples has its own legend and history, which is separate from each other in the form of idols in each temple. The form of each idol of Ganesha and his trunk is different from each other.

The journey of these eight Ganapati Dhams is known as Ashtavinayak Tirtha Yatra. Ashtvinayak is also visited as per the order in which these sacred idols were found. The order of Ashtavinayak Darshan is as follows:

Mayureshwar or Moreshwar – Morgaon, Pune
Siddhivinayak – Karjat tehsil, Ahmednagar
Ballaleshwar – Pali Gaon, Raigad
Varadwinayak – Kolhapur, Raigad
Chintamani – Theur village, Pune
Girijastam Ashtavinayak – Lenyadri village, Pune.
Vigneshwar Ashtavinayak – Ojhar
Mahaganapati – Rajanganga

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