11 interesting things related to Shri Ganesh

11 interesting things related to Shri Ganesh

We all call our beloved vigilant, Gajanand with many names like Gajanan, Vinayak, Lambodaar, Ganapati, Bhalchandra, Siddhivinayak. Everything about Shri Ganesh very unique and distinct. Every devotee feels so much attachment and adoption with Shree Ganesha that he calls him by the name he likes in his love and reverence towards Ganesha. 11 interesting things related to Ganesha… 

11 interesting things related to Shri Ganesh

1. The color that is dear to him red and orange. 
2. Special attachment towards the durva.
3. Their vehicle is Dink named Rat. 
4. Intelligence, writing skills are his main characteristic. 
5. Red flowers are favorite and make him happy very soon. 
6. Shri Ganesh enjoys the status of first to be worshiped, God.
7. Likes eastern direction and does not like to face south direction. 
8. Ganapati was born on the Chaturthi of Bhadrapad Shukla Party at 12 o’clock and hence the date of Chaturthi is his beloved date to him. 
9. The gods of prosperity and glory. His sons are called Shubh and Labh. 
10. The massage of vermilion and pure ghee pleases them. 
11. The ideal God for the family. Quickly fulfill’s wish.

घुमतेगणेश.कॉम में गणेश मन्त्र , शिवा मंत्र , हनुमान मंत्र सभी तरह के मन्त्र है, और भी गणेश भजन्स , शिव भजन्स , गणेश चालीसा , शिव चालीसा, हनुमान चालीसा , हर तरह के चालीसा हमारे वेबसाइट पर है
गणेश जी की हर तरह की जानकारी है|

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