11 Forms of Ganpati

11 Forms of Ganpati

Ganesh avatar Siddhi Yoga

-: Bal Ganapati :-

Bal Ganapati is “the Child” God of golden hue. In His hands, He holds a banana, mango, sugar cane and jackfruit. All representing the earth’s abundance and fertility. His trunk garners His favorite sweet, the Modak.

-: Taruna Ganapati :-

Eight-armed, Taruna Ganapati, “the Youthful,” holds a noose and goad, Modak, wood apple, rose apple, His broken tusk, a sprig of paddy and a sugar cane stalk. His brilliant red color reflects the blossoming of youth.

Ganesh avatar

-: Bhakti Ganapati :-

Shining like the full moon during harvest season and garlanded with owers, Bhakti Ganapati, dear to devotees, is indeed pleasant to look upon. He holds a banana, a mango, coconut and a bowl of sweet payasa pudding.

-: Vira Ganapati :-

The “Valiant Warrior,” Vira Ganapati, assumes a commanding pose. His 16 arms bristle with weapons, symbols of mind powers: a goad, discus, bow, arrow, sword, shield, spear, mace, a battle ax, a trident and more.

Ganesh avatar

-:  Shakti Ganapati :-

Shakti Ganapati Four-armed and seated with one of His Shaktis on His knee, Shakti Ganapati, “the Powerful,” of orange-red hue, guards the householder. He holds a garland, noose, and goad, and bestows blessings with the Abhaya mudra.

-: Dvija Ganapati :-

Four-headed Dvija Ganapati, “the Twice-born,” is moon-like in color. Holding a noose, a goad, an ola leaf scripture, a staff, water vessel and a his japa beads, He reminds one and all of the urgency for disciplined striving.


-: Siddhi Ganapati :-

Golden-yellow Siddhi Ganapati, “the Accomplished,” is the epitome of achievement and self-mastery. He sits comfortably holding a bouquet of owers, an ax, mango, sugar cane and, in His trunk, tasty sesame sweet.

-: Maha Ganapati :-

Accompanied by one of His Shaktis. “The Great,” Maha Ganapati, is red-complexioned and three-eyed. He holds His tusk, a pomegranate, blue lily, sugar-cane bow, discus, noose, lotus, paddy sprig, mace and a pot of gems.


-: Lakshmi Ganapati :-

Lakshmi Ganapati, the pure white giver of success, sits ranked by Wisdom and Achievement and Gesturing Varada mudra. He holds a green parrot, a pomegranate, sword, goad, noose, a sprig of Kalpavriksha and a water vessel.


-: Nritya Ganapati :-

The happy “Dancer,” Nritya Ganapati, is four-armed and golden, with rings on His fingers, holding a tusk, goad, noose and Modaka sweet. He prances under the Kalpavriksha tree, epitomizing exuberant activity and joy.

-: Yoga Ganapati  :-

Yoga Ganapati is absorbed in mantra Japa, His knees strapped in a meditative pose, hands holding a yoga staff, sugar cane stalk, a noose and prayer beads. His color is like the morning sun. Blue garments adorn His form.

Ganesh avatar Siddhi 

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